Carelia Natural Baby Laundry detergent 1l


100% natural plant-based laundry soap, free of enzymes that can irritate the delicate skin of babies and people with allergies, sensitive skin or eczema.

Effectively cleans clothes, by hand or machine. Gentle on fabric fibres and skin, but strong on dirt. No fabric softener required.

Atopic skin, multiple chemical sensitivity?

Did you know that chemicals in detergents can cause allergies or irritant contact dermatitis?

Why expose sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals?

Detergent remains to a large extent on clean laundry after washing, hence the importance of using healthy cleaning products whose composition has no toxic substances.

Our Laundry Soap -for babies, sensitive and atopic skin- has been designed to wash all types of fabrics effectively using only botanical ingredients. A mild detergent, free of enzymes that can irritate the most delicate skin when in contact with towels, sheets or clothing used throughout the day.

100% Natural
Environmentally friendly: Biodegradable
Gentle, non-toxic formula
No enzymes to reduce risk of irritation or allergic reactions
No harmful optical brighteners
No allergens and perfume
Formulated with Aloe Vera due to its protective, soothing and moisturising properties
1 Litre: 29 washes
2 in 1: No softener required

Weight 1,5 kg
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