Green Mood ecological floor and multi-surface cleaner-lemongrass 1000ml


Here is THE product to always have at home since it is the Swiss army knife of cleaning, especially when it comes to cleaning your floors or any washable surface. Think about it, we spend our days outside and when we come home we bring a whole bunch of dirt and germs with us. This is why you absolutely need a product in which you can have 100% confidence, such as our multi-surface cleaner. Plus, you can be sure that when you empty the water from the bucket into your toilet or garden you are not spilling any harmful chemicals.

– Thoroughly cleans and degreases all types of surfaces without leaving traces (floors, worktops, doors and walls, etc.).

– Ideal for making the whole house shine and leaving a delicate  scent.

– Without rinsing.

– Does not leave harmful residue.

– Ecogarantie® certified.

– Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Floor and surface cleaner without any: GMO, phosphate, SLES, chlorine, paraben, synthetic fragrance, petroleum-derived ingredients.
Diluted: Add 50 ml (1 cap = 30 ml) for 5 liters of water. Increase the dosage for very dirty surfaces. There is no need to rinse the product.

Undiluted: For stubborn stains, pour undiluted product directly onto a damp cloth or sponge.

Reminder, always test first on an inconspicuous area before use.
INGREDIENTS: <5% non-ionic surfactants (sugar-derived surfactant), <5% anionic surfactants (sodium coco-sulfate). Also contains: organic lemongrass essential oil, organic spearmint essential oil, citric acid, water.

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