Arau Baby Laundry Soap fragrance free 800 ml


Ingredients: Pure Soap Ingredients (30% Potassium Fatty Acid), Aloe Vera Extract

Efficacy: A fragrance-free type that was born in response to the voice of mothers. It has a high detergency and a safe additive-free and plant-based laundry soap.

Attention: Do not use for purposes other than your own use. Do not use for items that are prohibited from being washed at home. Please rinse more than 2 times. If you are worried about color fading, please apply the undiluted solution to an inconspicuous place, and wipe it with a white cloth after 5 minutes to confirm whether it is stained. Please use cooking gloves when using it for people with dry skin or when using the undiluted stock solution directly. After use, wash your hands thoroughly with water. If the undiluted stock solution gets on the washing machine cover, etc., please wipe it off. Because soap scum may cause black floating matter (mold), please clean the laundry tank regularly with laundry tank cleaner etc. and keep it well ventilated. When using the liquid detergent inlet of the washing machine, please dilute this product about 2 times before putting it in, or rinse it with warm water, etc., and treat it regularly. Since natural ingredients are used, the color and aroma may change over time.

Instructions: [How to use] Automatic double-layer type: 45L of water volume corresponds to 75ml of this product, and 30L of water volume corresponds to 50mL of this product. The water volume of the drum type is 6kg (clothes weight) corresponding to 50ml of this product, and the water volume of 3kg (clothes weight) is corresponding to 40ml of this product. The dosage for soaking and cleaning is 50mL per 1L of water. After soaking in soap solution for about 20 minutes, please put it directly into the washing machine for washing, so that the cleaning effect will be better after the detergent fully penetrates into the conspicuous stains.

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