Green Mood Organic oleo-limestone bioliniment 400 ml


Our bioliniment, certified organic, is essential for changing baby. This treatment is ideal for gently cleaning, protecting and moisturizing baby’s bottom. You will love its formula containing 100% ingredients of natural origin respectful of the traditional recipe. We recommend using it at each change since it gently cleans the seat to avoid irritating products. In addition, bioliniment helps protect the skin against humidity and friction.
– Rated excellent on Yuka (100/100)
– Formula developed according to the traditional recipe.
– Without perfume.
– Certified organic (Cosmos Organic).
– Dermatologically tested.
– Vegan & Cruelty Free.
Our baby care products do not contain any: GMOs, phosphates, SLES, parabens, synthetic fragrances, petroleum-derived ingredients.
Bio-Green Mood bioliniment is gentle on baby’s bottom
Liniment has been known and used in France for decades. It is native to the southwest coast of France, and this is quite normal since this is where a large part of the olive trees grow in our country. Olive oil is fully recommended for formulating cosmetics since it is an oil rich in omega 6 and 9 to which we owe its hydrating properties. Our bioliniment is made according to the traditional recipe, without perfume and contains 100% natural ingredients.
Green Mood certified organic bioliniment helps prevent buttock irritation .
If you are looking for a product that will help you avoid or reduce the appearance of redness on baby’s bottom, try our liniment. Imagine, your child’s urine and stools soak into the diaper, creating a lot of moisture and friction. This phenomenon is not magic, it is simply chemistry. Indeed, the choice of natural ingredients in our biolinment makes it a product with an alkaline pH which will be able to neutralize the acidity of stools and urine in order to avoid irritation.
Green Mood certified organic bioliniment respects the traditional recipe and is fragrance-free
Sometimes there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. It is precisely with this philosophy that we formulated our bioliniment. It’s simple, we mixed 4 simple and natural ingredients according to the traditional recipe. Finally, we have chosen not to use any perfume (synthetic or natural) in order to avoid adding substances that could be allergenic or harmful to the baby’s seat.
Green Mood certified organic bioliniment is versatile
Our liniment can be used from birth but also by all members of the family. In fact, it is often recommended to clean and protect babies’ fragile bottoms. However, you can use it in many other situations. Some people use liniment to remove makeup, others to moisturize their skin or face or as a mask on the ends of their hair. We can therefore say that it is a Swiss army knife of the bathroom.

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