Carelia Baby Soft Shampoo and Shower Body Wash 200ml


Natural Care Soft Shampoo and Bath Gel (200 ml.)
Gentle shampoo and body wash with natural extracts of oatmeal and organic calendula protect and regenerate, providing softness and improving skin hydration.
Honey with antibacterial effect and bisabolol that helps transdermal penetration of the active ingredients.
Clean gently.
Soft enough for daily use.
Dermatologically tested.
High tolerance, clinically tested even on sensitive and atopic skin.
Recyclable materials.
Recommended for the whole family.
How to use:
Moisten the body and hair with warm water, apply a small amount of Shampoo-Gel, massage gently and rinse with plenty of water.
It can also be poured directly into the water to create a relaxing bath that will contribute to a restful sleep thanks to the properties of the oat extract.
For external use only.

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