Carelia Diaper Cream Balm Eco 100ml


Diaper Cream Balm calms and protects the most sensitive areas of the baby’s body from the irritations caused by dermatitis of the nappy with a bioregenerative blend of certified organic ingredients.

Diaper Balm Cream naturally protects, soothes and regenerates baby’s delicate skin from irritations caused by diaper rash with a soothing blend of certified organic ingredients.

Formulated with Zinc Oxide and Beeswax for their insulating and absorbent properties that create a protective barrier without clogging the pores, thus avoiding discomfort in the diaper area.

With Rosehip for its regenerating action that helps increase the elasticity and healing of the skin.

Sunflower Oil and Shea Butter that trap moisture and keep the skin well hydrated, which together with Aloe Vera with its broad antibacterial and soothing spectrum help maintain a healthy bottom.

Dermatologically tested.


Indicated for very sensitive and atopic skin.


Easy application, airless bottle.

Recyclable materials.

How to use:

After cleaning baby’s bottom, gently apply a layer of Balm Cream all over the diaper area.

Exclusively external use.

Do not eat.

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