Unicharm Sofy Sanitary Shorts 100% Organic Cotton M/L Size 4pcs


Shorts and napkins are integrated! It is a proposal of “Haku new style”.
The 100% organic cotton sheet *1 is gentle on the skin and comfortable to wear.
* 100% organic cotton is used for the upper layer of the surface that touches the delicate zone.

Shorts-type napkins prevent slippage

Fully guarded to the waist to prevent leaks.

Enveloping comfort

Stomach too! Waist too! The soft stretch material makes it comfortable to wear. Excellent breathability.

Equipped with natural gray and ruffles like underwear!

The color is natural gray, and the front side is equipped with stylish frills. A neat silhouette like everyday underwear!

4 pcs
Made in Japan

Weight 0,300 kg
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