Moony pull-up nappies girls at night XXL (13-28 kg) 22 pcs


Extra absorbtion during sleep time. Specially
designed microporous material and evaporation cells of the nappy’s surface
ensure that no liquid is left on the baby’s skin. Super elastic point-gathers
around the baby’s legs easily stretch following any motion, providing the child
with an absolute freedom of movement. Ultra soft side-seams would never rub the
tender skin sore even on an extremely active baby. The indicator of fullness
will always let the mother know when it’s time to change the nappy. As it gets
filled, the 3 stripes change their colour to blue. The nappy’s inner surface is
made of a soft cotton, which carefully protects the baby’s tender skin from any
irritation. Utilization without smell! A fixing tape will help you fold and fix
the used nappies into a compact roll.

Weight 1,7 kg
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