Marmaluzi Organic Apple-pear 90 g from 4 months


Puree is
made only from natural ingredients: sweet Lithuanian apples and juicy pears.
Puree is non-nutritive, naturally sweet, has a very delicate taste. Apple and
pear contain many vitamins, minerals and plant fibers that are important for
the growth of a child. Puree helps to improve baby’s digestion. Ingredients:
grated apples 80%, grated pears 20%, vitamin C. Energy and nutritional value
per 100 g: 277 kJ / 66 kcal, carbohydrates – 13.1 g, potassium (K) – 103 mg,
vitamin C – 29.6 mg (85% of the RDI *).

* Recommended daily intake for children.

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