LiLiKiWi 100% Natural 500 PPM Fluoride Toothpaste 6+ 30ml


Recommended age : 6 months- 3 years 100% Natural Green Apple Flavour , 100% natural formula (for real!) 100% Safe for the health of tiny tots, with no preservatives, dyes, menthol or allergens*. Suitable for diabetic children. Ultra gentle toothpaste for baby teeth . Low abrasiveness ( RDA = 10 ) to avoid damaging baby teeth. pH neutral so it doesn’t demineralize precious pearly whites. The tube distributes the right dose of fluoride toothpaste . Press once on the pencil tube to distribute just the right amount of fluoride toothpaste required for brushing. Recycled and Refillable .Packaging Our innovative and playful packaging is made of recycled and refillable PP . Warning: Risk of choking with the removable tip (nuzzle) of the tube. In case of other fluoride intake, consult your doctor( physicians) or dentist. Do not dilute the product with water.

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