Goon Pants Size M 52 pcs (6-12 kg)


Goo.N Plus panties are breathable diapers for babies weighing from 6 to 12 kilograms from the Japanese manufacturer Daio Paper Corporatoin. A distinctive feature of Goo.N diapers is the breathable base of the diaper, which fits comfortably to the baby’s skin.

Goo.N Plus diaper panties are the latest product that provides optimal care for your baby’s skin. They have been specially designed to take into account the characteristics of children’s skin and prevent irritation and dryness. The manufacturer uses a luxurious moisturizing lotion, the same as in Elleair Lotion Tissues, which restores the skin’s moisture balance and strengthens its barrier function.

Ingredients like glycerin, collagen and hyaluronic acid keep skin hydrated throughout the night. The panties also feature ultra-fine and fluffy fibers that create an especially smooth texture for maximum comfort and minimal friction, even for irritated skin. Goo.N Plus is 40% silkier and twice as smooth as regular Goo.N, and its high absorption rate reduces skin irritation.

Elastic bands at the waist and hips provide maximum comfort and reliability. The number of elastic bands at the waist has been reduced to avoid pressure on the skin, and on the hips has been increased for a more secure fit. The panties fit securely on the baby and do not injure his skin. So, if you are looking for the perfect product that provides optimal care for your baby’s skin, then Goo.N Plus diaper panties are the best choice. They prevent irritation and dryness, provide maximum comfort and security, and help you and your baby sleep peacefully throughout the night.


The presence of a breathable base provides comfort to the baby’s skin, thanks to the rapid absorption of moisture and the removal of fumes
The presence of a soft mesh provides comfort to the baby’s skin
The elastic structure of the diaper allows the baby to move actively without creating discomfort.
Bright design with animals will delight your baby
The presence of a side seam makes it easy and quick to change your baby’s diaper
Has a deodorizing effect
The diaper is easy to change, adding comfort in caring for your baby
The presence of a special tape allows you to quickly and accurately dispose of a used diaper
The presence of a moisture indicator will help you determine in time when it’s time to change the diaper.

Weight 1,5 kg
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