Pigeon Baby masks 3 pcs

Pigeon Baby masks 3 pcs

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The "first mask" that is perfect for mask debut has been renewed 

 For PM2.5, cold and pollen measures

 99% cut of splash virus 

Non-woven fabric has 3 layers! Firmly prevent infection with the filter function

* Particle collection efficiency (PM2.5: PFE) 99% or more

* Virus droplet collection (filtration) test (VFE) 99% or more

Recommended for going out during the cold season and preventing infection. It is a mask for babies from around 2 years old.

 Comfortable because it does not stick to the three-dimensional dome shape that creates space around the mouth . With a ventilation route that makes breathing easy .Specially designed to fit the baby's nose and cheeks, no wire etc.

 The inside is made of soft material , Gentle texture. The ear straps are soft and do not hurt.

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