KAO Toothpaste Strawberry 70 g

KAO  Toothpaste Strawberry 70 g

KAO Toothpaste Strawberry 70 g

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This paste protects baby teeth and growing molars from caries. Sodium fluoride was used as a therapeutic component - it has a fairly high remineralizing (strengthening enamel) potential, prevents the development of caries, has a slight bactericidal effect against cariogenic microflora. Xylitol - enhances the anticaries and mineralizing efficacy of the toothpaste, provides a mild anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. Small granules perfectly clean teeth, removing plaque even between teeth. Refreshes the oral cavity with the scent of fresh strawberries.

Application: open the cap, press on the middle of the tube, squeezing out the required amount of paste, close the cap. The cap should not be rotated, but raised and lowered. The tube has a double shell, which provides the necessary strength.

The composition of the product

sorbitol, polyethylene glycol-12 (humectants), silicic anhydride (cleansing agent), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (thickener), strawberry flavor, sodium saccharinate (flavoring agents), xylitol (a substance that helps to replenish calcium deficiencies), sodium lauryl sulfate (foaming agent), fluoride sodium (active medicinal component), benzoate (preservative), red No. 106 (dye).

From 1 to 8 Years

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